These spells are used to persuade your lover to propose marriage to you if you are a lady casting the spell. They can also be used by a gentleman to make your girlfriend want to marry you most than anything else. These spells can be also be used by a third person to make a couple get married, in this case, it is advised you look into the two you want to unite, one of them might be in a relationship already, or they might be totally incompatible with each other. If you want to cast a marriage proposal spell on your lover, make sure you are ready for the commitment. Your lover will want to get married to you and no one else.

If you have waited long enough for a marriage proposal and you’re ready for marriage, then you should order our marriage proposal spell. But, how do you get a marriage proposal from someone who wants to stay unmarried, or scared to death to make that step? It’s a difficult which only our powerful spell casters can overcome.

There may be too many days when you mull over these thoughts: “I know my lover is ready but he (or she) keeps putting it off due to fears or pressures from friends or family. My clock is ticking and I can’t wait forever.” Well, try these spells to change your situation for the better!

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Make Him (Or Her) Propose

One of the toughest parts about dating someone seriously is knowing when to propose marriage and when to expect a proposal. If you are seriously dating someone and desire to have him (or her) pop the question, then speed things up with our marriage proposal spells! These spells are designed to encourage your loved one to propose marriage, but will not force him or her to action.

When these spells starts to take effect, the person that you are serious about will begin to have urges to marry you that will lead to a proposal. It is designed to make you more attractive than ever as a potential spouse for your partner. After all, in this fast-paced world, sometimes it’s tough to focus on the things that matter most and the things you desire more than anything else.

These spells will help to bring out a marriage proposal, no matter how long you have been dating. Whether you have been with someone for months or years, this spell will help to focus the desires of the relationship on marriage, rather than dating. After all, if you are envisioning a long-term commitment, there is nothing better than speeding that commitment along.

Our marriage proposal spells will:

• Make you more attractive as a spouse in the eyes of your partner
• Help to focus your partner’s attention on marriage and commitment
• Speed up the proposal of marriage in a relationship that may be stagnating
• Encourage your partner to commit to you for life

Please keep in mind that these spells should be taken seriously and should not be used with someone that you truly do not desire to marry. This ritual will also help to protect your relationship after marriage for eternity.

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